Planned preventative air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure the economic efficiency and smooth running of your equipment. We offer various maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.

As a maintenance customer you benefit from:

• Longer lifespan

• Lower utility bills

• Peace of mind

• Fewer repair bills

• Greater indoor comfort

• Optimum performance

• Discounted callout fee and priority breakdown cover should a problem with your equipment arise

How Often Should a System be serviced?

Typically, when an AC system is used in a residential environment for cooling only, one service visit per annum is generally sufficient.

However, where the system is used in both heating and cooling modes, we recommend at least two visits per year.

For commercial applications, e.g. shops, offices or restaurants, a minimum of two visits per year would be required.

In critical locations, e.g. server rooms or environments where there are often high levels of airborne pollutants in the air for example, workshops, hairdressing or beauty salons, we would advise that your air conditioning maintenance program allows for three or more service visits.

Please get in contact to discuss our service and maintenance packages.